New Drum - Coming Soon!

Thanks for visiting Drum. We’ve been hard at work since our platform rolled out in October learning from our customers and businesses, and everyone who has joined our platform has been an important part of that. You’ve helped us not only confirm the chasm that exists in the world of referrals of a business by one person to another, but just how deep that chasm goes. In fact, your use of the applications has helped us unearth an even broader opportunity to help businesses, people, places and things get referred through a 1:1 network that expands infinitely.

We are now working to build those lessons into the future of Drum. However, we thought it would be better to pause the current version of Drum while we complete the new version. If you’re a previous user of Drum, we’ve paused the current Drum product while we work to build an even better experience. This means as a Drummer, you won’t be able to promote offers, and as a business you won’t be able to redeem offers. If you have any questions about your account, please reach out to for assistance.

Our team is focused and working non-stop on the next version of our app - stay tuned for news on when we’ll be releasing Drum 2.0! If you’d like to hear from us when we’re ready to launch, please enter your email address below and we’ll be in touch.


The Drum Team