Drummer Guidelines

When interacting with businesses:

Be passionate. Drum for the businesses that get you excited, and learn as much as you can about what makes them unique, including reading the notes they provide. Remember, you are responsible for sharing their story to the world.

Be empathetic. When approaching a business to join Drum understand that they are busy, hard-working individuals just like you. Find the appropriate time and opportunity to present Drum.

Provide feedback. Help your businesses succeed by sharing strategies or types of promotions that are working well. The more they know, the better you do!

When interacting with buyers:

Be respectful. Being pushy or spammy is annoying and hurts your personal brand. In contrast, being honest and transparent builds their confidence and trust in you.

Be thoughtful. Tailor your offers to Buyers - this establishes a personal connection and makes it more likely they will find an offer they want to redeem.

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